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Eviction Paralegal Fresno

Eviction Paralegal Near Me

Eviction Paralegal FresnoThe process of renting property involves a contractual agreement between two parties, usually the tenant and the landlord. As a rental agreement outlines the obligations for both parties, the development of an eviction can bring about numerous legal matters. At Attorney Alternative in Fresno, we provide affordable and effective eviction services. During an eviction, it is essential that the landlord have proof and documentation showing the initial eviction processes’ timely completion. Working with an experienced LDA paralegal like Regina Martinez, who has a thorough understanding of California statutes and laws regarding evictions, can help speed your process and ensure you have all the necessary legal documentation to complete the eviction process.

Reasons For Eviction

There are many reasons why someone might be evicted from the property they are occupying, but some of the most common situations include:

  • Not paying rent
  • Not complying with the terms of the rental agreement
  • Destruction of property
  • Use of the property for unlawful activity

As there are many causes for eviction and each circumstance is unique, our LDA paralegal takes an extensive look at the details of the tenant eviction to ensure all the correct paperwork is drafted.

In 2019 the State of California made significant changes to the Eviction process giving the tenant generous protections. But after COVID hit and the State began to Issue Moratoriums it became clear that additional protections were necessary. With all of these new rules and regulations it is almost impossible to successfully navigate the process without significant delays. I also spent four years of my career dedicated exclusively to evictions throughout the State of California. I have assisted in close to 5,000 verifiable evictions. I help both Landlord and Tenant.

Unlawful Detainer

UDA is the acronym for Unlawful Detainer Assistant. A UDA licenses a person to perform evictions legally. The standard to become a UDA is significantly less than for an LDA. In fact, that is something most people can easily accomplish. It is important to the function of many apartment complexes or property management companies to have someone on staff who can successfully start and complete an eviction, which is why getting a UDA license is so attainable.

Eviction Process

Eviction Process FresnoThe eviction process can be fairly straightforward if it is not contested and all the appropriate paperwork is filed correctly and processed in the required timeframe. The first step is to give the tenant the eviction notice or serve an unlawful detainer depending on the situation. In some cases, the person has the option to challenge the eviction or unlawful detainer. If this happens or the person does not vacate the premises within the given time, the matter will be taken and handled in court. If the eviction proceeds to court, a show-cause order will need to be drafted to present proof and further explanation to the judge. If the judge rules in favor of the landlord or property owner and the person residing there still doesn’t vacate, the matter will be handed over to the local sheriff’s department.

Eviction Services

At Attorney Alternative, we believe in providing Fresno residents with reliable and accurate legal documents on time and at an affordable cost. We understand that it is important to file the correct paperwork as early as possible to ensure your court proceedings go quickly and smoothly. Evictions can sometimes become complicated and require further legal actions. Our legal document assistant, Regina Martinez, is licensed, bonded, registered, and has over 16 years of experience drafting legal documents for evictions, family law matters, divorce, estate matters, and more. When you need an LDA paralegal in Fresno, you can count on Attorney Alternative to be there for you. We provide our clients with the friendly and compassionate service they need. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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