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Legal Discovery Fresno

What Is Discovery In Law?

Legal Discovery Fresno

In a legal context, discovery is the process of exchanging information and known facts between the parties of a case. The purpose of discovery is to help all parties involved in the case to understand the evidence and positions of each side so that they can make an informed decision about whether to move forward with a trial or negotiate an early settlement. Legal documents are often used in discovery to help establish the facts of a case. In Fresno County, Attorney Alternative is here to help you with the legal discovery process. Our LDA(Legal Document Assistant), Regina Martinez, has years of experience providing affordable document preparation services. If you are in need of professional legal assistance for your Fresno County case, please contact us today.

Civil Litigation Process

At Attorney Alternative, we understand that no two cases are alike and tailor our services to fit the individual needs of each client. We offer a wide range of document preparation services for various civil litigation procedures. It is important to understand that discovery is only one step in an extensive process. There are multiple phases of litigation, including:

Negotiations/Filing – This is where the two parties attempt to negotiate a solution before a lawsuit is formally filed and lawyers become involved. 

Discovery – This is the stage where the two parties request information and documents from each other to gain knowledge about what will be discussed in Court. Occasionally, there will be a disagreement about which documents the other party is entitled to and will require a pre-trial hearing. 

Mediation/Trial – At this stage, the two parties and their attorneys will meet with a mediator after submitting each of their statements and will attempt to reach a settlement. If an agreement cannot be made, the case will continue to trial.

Post-Trial – After a decision has been made by the trial judge or the verdict from a jury, the party members can either agree to the judgment or file an appeal for an opportunity to have certain aspects of the trial re-evaluated in an attempt to overturn the final judgment. 

Attorney Alternative offers document discovery services to help you gather all of the information you need for your case. Our document preparation services are affordable and easy to use, and they can save you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our document discovery services.

Types Of Legal Discovery

During the discovery phase of a civil case, both parties will be requesting information from each other. This could be anything from finding and reviewing documents to subpoenaed records dating back decades in more complex litigation matters. The production of documents in these cases can be acquired through a variety of methods. 

Interrogatories – Interrogatories are a formal set of questions submitted by one party to another in order to gain information about the facts of a case. The questions must be relevant to the case and must be answered truthfully by the other party. Failure to answer any of the questions will be deemed an admission of guilt. Interrogatories can be used to gather information about witnesses, evidence, and other important aspects of the case.

Request For Production – One way to obtain information for your case is to request the production of relevant documents from the other party. This process can be helpful in a number of ways: it may provide direct evidence on an issue in dispute, or it may lead you to other evidence that is relevant to your case. In order to obtain the production of documents from the other party, you must make a request and identify the specific documents or categories of documents that you are seeking.

Depositions – A deposition is a question-and-answer interview in which a person is sworn under oath and required to answer specific questions pertaining to the case. The attorney who is conducting the deposition will ask questions of the deponent, and the deposition will be recorded by a court reporter. The transcribed deposition can then be used at trial if necessary. Because of the serious nature of the oath, individuals being deposed must be careful to answer all questions truthfully. Consequently, depositions are an important tool in ensuring that individuals give accurate testimony during Trials.

Requests For Admission – In civil litigation, a request for admission is a formal request from one party to another asking them to agree to or denying the truth of certain facts related to the case. Requests for admissions can be used to simplify trial by identifying which facts are not in dispute and thus do not need to be litigated. This can save time and money by narrowing the issues that need to be addressed at trial.

Legal Discovery Near Me

Legal Discovery Near Me Fresno

Attorney Alternative is a Fresno-based legal document services company that specializes in litigation support. We provide a wide range of services to attorneys and their clients, including discovery management, trial preparation, and document review. Our experienced LDA has a deep understanding of the discovery process and is well-equipped to handle comprehensive litigation services. We understand the importance of timely and accurate discovery in Fresno County and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service possible. 


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